Gang uses fake dates to lure victims to Pix scam in São Paulo

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The Military Police released a 41-year-old man, kidnapped on Sunday (7), and taken to prison in the region of Taipas, in the north of São Paulo. He was caught by a gang that used a dating app to lure their victims.

The man had arranged a meeting through the app and became a hostage of the group, which used a 13-year-old teenager to attract their victims. And the police managed to locate the exact location of the prison with the help of another man, 40 years old, who had been held hostage for less than 24 hours by the same gang.

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“When this victim was released, she contacted the PM and we collected all the information, such as the street where she was left, characteristics of the place where she stayed, and while she was talking about everything she remembered, an experienced police officer soon realized where the street was. . Then we were able to trace the last location of the cell phone and it was on this same street. So we showed the victim the place and she said it was there”, explained the aspirant Nemer, from the PM.

Based on the information gathered from the victim, the police made an incursion to the possible place of captivity and soon detected five “olheiros”, people designated to carry out surveillance.

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“We arrested four people, in addition to the teenager who was used as bait and was apprehended, and inside the house was a couple, a man and a pregnant woman. And we managed to free the victim,” says Nemer.

The freed man was injured, as he was tortured by the bandits, and in a state of shock. The PM also found a simulacrum of a pistol, an air soft pressure weapon, which was used to scare the victims. “Between Sunday and the rescue, the criminals went to his house and took money, jewelry, from his apartment”, he explains.

The same gang had claimed two different victims and, in addition to the fear and shock of everything that had happened, the damage had been great. The first man who had been released had to make a loan of R$ 100 thousand to the bandits. The second, who had to go to the doctor after being rescued, the calculated loss is about R$ 1.5 million, because in addition to the theft in the apartment, the criminals made bank transactions via Pix and rescued applications.

The car of one of the victims was found near the scene and the case is registered at the 33rd Police District, in Vila Mangalot. In recent months, this type of scam has grown a lot in the state of São Paulo, which had a rise in robberies and thefts of 9.5% and 31.4% in the 1st semester, respectively.

Source: CNN Brasil

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