Gareth Wittstock, Charlène’s little brother who conquered Monaco

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The other day in the principality of Monaco, for the summer concert of the Red Cross, the (almost) full royal family has reunited (see gallery above): from the prince Alberto a Charlotte casiraghi, passing through Beatrice Borromeo with her husband Pierre Casiraghi. Great absent of course the princess Charlene, still stranded in South Africa, her native land, due to severe health complications (an infection that forced her to have head surgery).

To represent her, however, in addition to her husband of course, there was the younger brother Gareth Wittstock. In the company of his wife Roisin Galvin. Gareth, 41-year-old computer engineer born and raised in South Africa like his sister, outside the borders of Munich he is almost a stranger. But in the social life of the Principality (where he moved after Charlène’s wedding with Alberto) it’s a prominent character who – unlike other royal brothers such as Pippa Middleton (Kate’s sister) – certainly does not lead a life far from court. Indeed, he appeared so often at the official events of the Grimaldis that he deserved the somewhat ironic nickname of “Count of Monaco”. In some slightly snobbish circles in Monte Carlo, we still don’t realize that Gareth even appears in traditional official photo which is taken every year to the royals, on the balcony of Palazzo Grimaldi, on the day of the Principality’s National Day.

In Monte Carlo Gareth he also found love. That’s where has known Roisin Galvin, mother of her only daughter Kaia-Rose. The two, in September 2015, they said “yes” to the presence of the princes of Monaco. Shortly before the wedding, Charlène’s brother had already strengthened his ties with the Principality converting to Catholicism, the religion of the royal family. Which allowed him, again in 2015, to act as a Godfather at the baptism of Charlène and Alberto’s daughter, the little princess Gabriella. Also noteworthy is the work that the 41-year-old does for the charity of his sister, the Princess Charlène of Monaco Foundation (in favor of children). On the other hand, the two, as he revealed in an interview a few years ago, are very close: «I see her regularly, we visit each other and my daughter plays with her twins. There is something very tender and very special between us».

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