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Gas distributor sets up barrier to prevent cylinders from being washed away by flood

A gas distributor in Canoas (RS), in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, installed a barrier to prevent its cylinders from being washed away by the flood.

According to the company Copa Energia, the company's operational unit in the municipality, located on the banks of the Jacuí River, was partially flooded after the heavy rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul in recent weeks.

With the flood, empty cylinders began to float in the water. After inspection, the solution found was to install the barriers.

“Copa Energia is vigilant with the situation of its facilities and taking care of its employees, facing challenges with unity and supporting the State of Rio Grande do Sul,” said the company.

Flood in Canoas

In the latest update, the city of Canoas reported, on Wednesday night (15), that in total, 18,451 people are homeless in 82 shelters.

In addition, another 80,376 people are homeless and reported being in the homes of relatives, friends or other locations. The municipality has recorded 19 deaths, and another 19 people are officially missing.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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