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Gastronomic Tour of the Cheese World Cup: festival will have unpublished recipes

Gastronomic Tour of the Cheese World Cup: festival will have unpublished recipes

In September, São Paulo receives for the first time the Brazil Cheese World Cup the only national award that embraces the entire cheese sector, involving artisanal and industrial producers.

As part of the official program and to celebrate the quality and maturity of the country’s cheese production, 15 restaurants in the capital of São Paulo accepted the challenge of creating unprecedented suggestions with Brazilian cheeses.

O Gastronomic Tour of the Brazilian Cheese World Cup organized by Heloisa Collins, cheese-maker of Capril do Bosque, and Lucas Terribili by MarAberto.CO, will be on display between the 15th and 25th of September.

The list of participating addresses includes Agustín, Carlos Pizza, Carlota, Casa Tucupi, Confeitaria Marilia Zylbersztajn, Frida & Mina, Laskarina Bouboulina, Le Jazz Brasserie, LosDos Taqueria, Mesa III Rotisseria (Sumaré), Mila, Preto Cozinha, Quincho, Shuk Falafel & Kebabs and Zestzing Padaria Artesanal .

See below for more details on each of the menus:


The charming bar in Itaim Bibi run by the couple Juglio Ortiz responsible for the cocktails, and Nora Brass, who oversees the kitchen, created a drink especially for the festival: the Martina (R$35).

The cocktail mixes cachaça infused with Marmoratto cheese (from QJO Martina), dry vermouth and chili pickles. Another new recipe served at the Roteiro is the Canned Citrus Tarte Tatin (R$32), which uses buffalo milk jam from Laticínio Montezuma.

Rua Carla, 53, Itaim Bibi


Chef Carla Pernambuco used three Brazilian cheeses for the recipes she created for the event. One of them is the Harumaki with mushrooms, caramelized onions and Cuesta cheese from Pardinho Artesanal (R$50).

Also new are the Squids on the grill with Tulha cheese fonduta from Fazenda Atalaia (R$89) and Tarta de queso (R$38), made with Fermier cheese from Leiteria Santa Paula and served with kinkans and clove lime compote.

Rua Sergipe, 753, Higienópolis / Tels.: (11) 98225-6030 and (11) 3661-8670

Carlos Pizza

Constant name in the lists of the best pizzerias in the city, Carlos also created a recipe for the Roteiro, which will be sold in its two units.

It’s the Serrinha pizza (R$48), which combines Serrinha cheese (SilvaniA2 Laticínios Artesanais), mushrooms and red onion.

Rua Harmonia, 501, Vila Madalena – Tel.: (11) 3813-2017 and Alameda Tietê, 658, Jardim Paulista – Tel.: (11) 3088-0666

Tucupi House

In the Acre-accented restaurant run by Amanda Vasconcelos the sun meat croquette with buffalo cheese from Fazenda São Victor, on Marajó Island (R$ 32), and the soft Polenta with Minas Standard Premium Santa Luzia cheese and oxtail ragu in tucupi (R$ 79) will be on display. ).

Street Maj. Maragliano, 74, Vila Mariana

Confectionery Marilia Zylbersztajn

for the event, Marilia Zylbersztajn developed Capril Capriolês boursin cheese tarts (R$ 17), prepared with filo dough and served with mango and passion fruit syrup.

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 942, Pinheiros / Tel.: (11) 96570-0094

Frida & Mina

Created especially for the Roteiro, the Piazinho cheese ice cream from Pé do Morro has bits of caramelized coconut (1 scoop, R$14; 2 scoops, R$22; 3 scoops, R$30; the takeout pot (600g) costs R$60 ).

Rua Artur de Azevedo, 1147, Pinheiros / Tel.: (11) 2579-1444

Laskarina Bouboulina

One of Barra Funda’s good kitchens will also prepare new recipes, such as the Marajó Cheese Pide (R$38), which combines cheese from Fazenda São Victor, a mix of organic tomatoes and chermoula.

Another order created by chef Camila Moura for the Roteiro is the cheese Crème brûlée (R$30), made with Cuesta from Pardinho and Bem Brasil, from Belafazenda, and served with jabuticaba molasses and breadsticks.

Rua Sousa Lima, 67, Barra Funda

Le Jazz Brasserie

Chico Ferreira, responsible for the kitchen of the Le Jazz, prepared a complete menu for the days of the event, served exclusively at the Pinheiros unit.

As a starter, Gougère cheese Quina da Pé do Morro (R$ 32), stuffed with salmon rillette and mini-cress. On the main stage, there is lamb Kofta with pistachio (R$ 45), served with sheep curd from Queijaria Rima and Moroccan couscous.

For dessert, the suggestion is the Névoa Cheese from the Santa Paula dairy accompanied by dried fig compote (R$28).

Le Jazz Pinheiros – Rua dos Pinheiros, 254, Pinheiros / Tel.: (11) 2359-8141

LosDos Taqueria

The address dedicated to street food in Mexico will serve two new recipes. One of them is the Elote with miso butter, tajin and Cuesta da Pardinho cheese (R$22) and another, the creamy ricotta toast SilvaniA2 Artisanal Dairy and boursin from Capril Capriolês with buffalo milk jam from Laticínio Montezuma (R$25). ).

Rua Guaicuí, 26, Pinheiros

Table III Rotisserie

Chef’s creations Ana Soares for the event will be sold at Mesa III Rotisseria, in Sumaré. There are three special pasta options to take away, including Panzerotti (rooster comb) with creamy ricotta SilvaniA2 Artisanal Dairy, roasted figs, caramelized walnuts (R$95; 500g) – the tip is to finish with Sage Butter (R$45) ).

Another suggestion is the Ravioli with Minas Padrão Premium cheese from Fazenda Santa Luzia, plantain and Brazil nuts (R$105; 500g), which goes well with cream cheese (R$65; 500ml). There is also Quina cheese Tortelli from Pé do Morro, a mix of Japi mushrooms, porcini and toasted almonds (R$140; 500g), which can be combined with Parmesan Cream (R$72.50; 500ml).

Dr Street Paulo Vieira, 21, Sumaré / Tel.: (11) 3868-5500, 3868-5501 and 9474-62417


the chef Pedro Pineda responsible for the cuisine of this cosmopolitan and relaxed osteria, created two special recipes for the Gastronomic Tour.

One of them is the dry pasta served with Chouchou cheese fonduta from Capril do Bosque and guanciale (R$71), served as a main. The other suggestion is a pre-dessert to share: Cacauzinho cheese from Capril do Bosque, served whole with chocolate fudge and jam (R$76).

Rua Bandeira Paulista, 1096, Itaim Bibi / Tel.: (11) 2925-8442

Black Kitchen

Soteropolitano’s restaurant Rodrigo Freire celebrates Bahian flavors and, for the event, will prepare the golden plantain gnocchi (R$ 74) and served with a mix of Tulha cheeses from Fazenda Atalaia and Canastra, plus crunchy kale, beetroot chips and a mix of of chestnuts.

Another option is the Bonézinho (R$37), inspired by the traditional top hat, a boursin-filled pastry from Capril Capriolês, accompanied by peanut crumble, plantain jam and manioc molasses foam.

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 276, Pinheiros / Tel.: (11) 95609-6842


the chef’s house Mari Sciotti will serve a varied Board of Brazilian cheeses (R$ 56). The suggestion combines Cuesta from Pardinho Artesanal, Tulha from Fazenda Atalaia, Chouchou from Capril do Bosque and Piazinho from Pé do Morro, which are even tastier with homemade fruit compote and MBee honey.

Rua Mourato Coelho, 1447, Vila Madalena

Shuk Falafel & Kebabs

Middle Eastern street food is the specialty of this address, which will serve an order created especially for the Gastronomic Tour.

This is the Kharuf Coalhada (R$ 32), a dry curd made with sheep’s milk from Queijaria Rima and served with tomato confit, olive oil from Serra da Mantiqueira and zaatar bread.

Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 385, Pinheiros

Zestzing Artisan Bakery

Baker Claudia Rezende was inspired by the contest to create Torcido de queijo (R$6), a twisted croissant dough sprinkled with grated Cuesta cheese from Pardinho Artesanal.

Alameda Tietê, 496, Jardim Paulista / Tel.: (11) 94340-9515

Source: CNN Brasil



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