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Gaza cemetery is overcrowded and bodies arrive every day, caretaker tells CNN

There is no more space to bury the dead in one of Gaza's main cemeteries, its caretaker said on Monday, and municipal workers are having to use primitive tools to accommodate the incessant flow of dead being left at the site. .

Saadi Baraka is one of the best-known gravediggers in Gaza. He works at the two main cemeteries in the central area of ​​the strip, both in Deir al-Balah, and says he has overseen the burial of more than half the total number of dead from Israel's war in Gaza.

Baraka, who works 12-hour days, welcomes people who carry their deceased loved ones to rest. He told the CNN which had to expand the cemetery by around 6,000 square meters in the last two months.

A video sent to CNN It shows workers building new brick graves on top of existing graves, workers mixing cement and using cemetery soil and sand to close the gaps between the newly constructed graves, and old pieces of metal slabs being used to cover the graves.

“I buried 16,880 people. I swear to God, 85% are women and children. They killed all the women. They were all killed because they were the ones who stayed at home. I didn't bury more than three from Hamas. [O primeiro-ministro israelense Benjamin] Netanyahu is lying when he says he is killing Hamas people,” Baraka told CNN .

More than 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7, says the Health Ministry. Israel estimates that around 10,000 of those killed in the war are Hamas fighters. A CNN cannot independently verify the number of casualties in Gaza or Israeli estimates of Hamas fighters killed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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