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Gaza is on the brink of a communications blackout, according to Palestinian minister

The Gaza Strip is expected to face an imminent and complete shutdown of communications and internet services by Thursday, according to the Palestinian telecommunications minister.

The expected disruption is due to the end of fuel supplies and is expected to worsen the ongoing humanitarian crisis, limiting the ability of Palestinians to reach emergency, relief and rescue services, according to Ishaq Sidr, Minister of Telecommunications and Technology. Information.

An outage could prevent Civil Defense and Red Crescent teams from coordinating a response to emergency sites, Sidr told a West Bank news conference.

Any disruption to the site and communication centers “could cause the inability to direct these teams to relief locations, meaning the loss of many lives and deliberately depriving our people in Gaza of their right to communicate, especially in light of displacement and continuous shelling,” Sidr said.

The minister characterized these developments as a “violation of international law and basic human rights.”

As of Friday morning, CNN has been unable to reach Palestinians in northern Gaza via the internet, although regular phone calls have been possible despite frequent disconnections. In southern Gaza, intermittent internet access is still available.

Source: CNN Brasil

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