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Gaza: Israeli army shows video showing hostages being taken by Hamas to al-Shifa hospital

THE Israeli army has released footage that appears to be from the surveillance cameras of its al-Sifa hospital Gaza Strip and show hostages being transported from the Hamas inside the hospital on October 7th.

This discovery shows that the terrorist organization Hamas used the al-Sifah hospital complex as a terrorist infrastructure on the day of the massacre“, the Israeli army and Shin Bet internal security service said in a statement.

One of the videos shows a man being carried on a stretcher surrounded by several men, at least four of whom are armed. In another video, a man resists being pushed down a hallway.

“Here you can see Hamas taking a hostage inside,” Chahal spokesman Daniel Haggari commented during a press conference. “We have not yet located the two hostages. We don’t know where they are,” he added.

The footage, whose authenticity has yet to be confirmed by AFP, appears to be dated October 7.

Source: News Beast

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