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Gaza Strip dawns with barrage of explosions after Netanyahu rejects ceasefire

The Gaza Strip was hit by a series of explosions this Tuesday morning (31), following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of a ceasefire in the war.

Destroyed buildings lined the besieged Palestinian territory, seen from southern Israel, with thick clouds of smoke covering the sky amid Israel’s expanding ground operation.

Netanyahu said on Monday night (30) that Israel would not agree to a cessation of hostilities with Hamas in Gaza and would continue with its plans to eliminate the group.

Gaza health authorities say 8,306 people, including 3,457 minors, have been killed in Israeli strikes since October 7. UN officials say more than 1.4 million of Gaza’s civilian population of around 2.3 million have been left homeless.

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No ceasefire

“The United States did not agree to a ceasefire after Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and we are not willing to accept it after October 7,” said the Israeli prime minister.

“It is important to distinguish right from wrong. Distinguish the execution of innocent people from the accidental death of people in a war”, said the prime minister.

In recent days, during an offensive on Gaza, the Israeli Army was accused of attacking civilians and demanding the evacuation of hospitals at risk of attack.

Netanyahu used an example from 1944, in the midst of World War II, to discuss the situation.

“The Gestapo headquarters [polícia secreta nazista] it was going to be bombed, but the British pilots made a mistake, and hit a children’s hospital. The allies did not say that Nazism should stop being fought because of this accident, because they knew what was at stake.”

According to him, Israel is “doing its utmost to reduce civilian deaths”, while Hamas “commits war crimes daily”. He accused the extremist organization of “not allowing” civilians to leave risk areas in Palestine.

(Produced by Fedja Grulovic and Lion Schellerer, from Reuters, with information from Leonardo Rodrigues, from CNN )

Source: CNN Brasil

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