Gazprom’s payment background – No rubles paid

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The payment to Gazprom for the April gas supplies was made on Monday in accordance with the European Commission guidelines, without violating the framework of sanctions against Russia.

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According to information, the payments were made in euros, with the buyers receiving certification that the transaction is considered complete and that they have fulfilled their obligation under the contract, no longer considered to be indebted to the Russian company.

In this context, the buyer, ie DEPA had no participation in the second part, ie the conversion of the payment from euros to rubles.

Through the certification, it was ensured on the one hand that the buyer, ie DEPA, fulfilled its obligation to Gazprom and on the other hand that it has no other participation in the next stage which concerned the conversion of the amount from euros to rubles.

In essence, according to competent sources, what was achieved through the process followed, was on the one hand DEPA to fully comply with EU directives. for the payment of gas to the Russians and on the other hand Gazprom to ensure that the amount of payment will reach Moscow without obstacles, through the conversion into rubles, which in any case was made at its own risk.

And as the same sources note, the payment could not be made in rubles, given that DEPA as well as other Greek buyers of Russian gas (Mytilineos, Kopelouzos group) do not have access to the Russian currency.

It is recalled that according to the presidential decree issued by V. Putin, payments for gas from “unfriendly countries” were to be made through a specific procedure, through two accounts: the first in foreign currency and the second in rubles.

As part of this procedure, Gazprombank is required to convert into rubles the amount deposited in foreign currency before transferring it to the parent Gazprom.

On the Commission side, as Energy Commissioner K. Simpson has made clear, Gazprom payments from European companies should be made in euros or dollars, with Brussels making it clear that no payments will be made in rubles.

Source: Capital

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