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GC.SKINS ex. GOCASES – service for obtaining CS skins 1.1298

GC.SKINS ex. GOCASES – service for obtaining CS skins 1.1298

GC.SKINS – complete tasks in games and get skins on Steam. The app will help you save up for a new CS: GO operation and fill your Steam inventory with new skins from both Broken Fang and early operations. Complete a couple of tasks, indicate the trade link and get cs go skins with withdrawal to your Steam account. It’s safe: you don’t have to write a username and password, as in other services in the cs case opener theme.

Get free cs skins by completing advertising tasks of partners: install applications, take polls, perform actions in games. For this we charge coins: exchange them for csgo cases, get a couple of cool skins, and then withdraw them to your Steam account using the trade link.

Everything works like on g2a loot, dmarket and csgolounge. Please note: GC.SKINS does not belong to the CS: GO case simulator category: we only have real cs go gear that can be withdrawn on Steam.

  • Get skins for free – just for your mind and time, and not for money like in g2a loot, dmarket, csgolounge and other csgo roulette. 90% of our cs go cases are purchased for completed tasks.
  • Save up on the Cheap win case without completing tasks, because among our cases cs go only it costs 69 coins: a starting bonus + referral code + 5-7 daily entry bonuses – and a new CS GO skin is already in your inventory.
  • Refer a friend using the referral link: both of you will receive 20 coins as a gift. Loot easy drop cs go together! 🙂
  • Withdraw the reward from the CS cases using the trade link: no logins on Steam! GoCases is not a simulator: all our cs go cases with real skins that can be displayed on Steam.
  • Every month we add new skins to cs go cases. M4A4 Cybersecurity and AWP Exoskeleton from Broken Fang have already been added.
  • We hold a giveaway once a month: each participant has a chance to win a cs go jackpot and get a top skin.
  • The Go Cases app weighs 5 MB – this is the only cs go case clicker that downloads in less than 10 seconds.