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GCM of São Bernardo do Campo (SP) kills student by mistaking him for a robber

GCM of São Bernardo do Campo (SP) kills student by mistaking him for a robber

Municipal civil guard (GCM) Marcelo Antonio de Oliveira Junior, 34, was arrested after killing 19-year-old student Lucas Costa Souza, with two shots to the chest.

The crime happened last Tuesday night (27), in the central region of São Bernardo do Campo, in Greater São Paulo. The GCM would have mistaken the boy for a robber.

The victim had just left the university, where he had been studying Business for three months. According to the report by Cristiane Costa Souza, the young man’s mother, to the Civil Police, Lucas’ father had the habit of picking up his son from college around 10:30 pm, time for the end of class.

On Tuesday night, the father called the boy and told him that the car had run out of gas. He then asked his son to wait for him at a bus stop near the university.

GCM’s private car stopped at a traffic light near the bus stop. The guard points out that he noticed that the young man was looking at his vehicle and that he tried to get into the car.

The security agent understood that he was being robbed, got out of the car, ran after the boy and fired two shots towards his chest. The student died on the spot.

According to what the shooter told the police, during the approach, Lucas shouted “it’s not me, it’s not me”.

In a statement to police authorities, the victim’s mother pointed out that he was a shy boy, who hardly left the house. She stated that he used to get into his father’s car without checking if it was himself and that she believes Lucas was confused, as the car driven by the shooter was the same color as the family’s vehicle.

Marcelo Junior even delivered a toy gun to the agents who attended the incident. The GCM reported that they found the drill lying near the crime scene.

In the incident report, the Civil police pointed out that “Marcelo said, informally, that he would give another version of his interrogation, excluding the simulacrum of the crime scene”.

The case was registered as homicide and procedural fraud. The GCM remains detained in the 1st Police District of São Bernardo do Campo.

The Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo reported that the agent was off duty at the time of the incident and that the municipal administration opened an investigation to assist the other authorities in the investigation of the facts.

Source: CNN Brasil



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