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GEK TERNA: 6.5 billion euros of investments – 5 billion euros outstanding – 20,000 new jobs

By Eleni Botas

Investments of 6.5 billion euros that will create more than 20,000 new jobs are currently implemented or participated by the GEK TERNA Group.

As stated by the President and CEO of GEK TERNA Group, G. Peristeris, during the Ordinary General Meeting of the Group, “This year is a milestone for our Group, as this year our hard-working and long-term efforts in various fields It is no coincidence that at present our Group implements or participates in investments totaling over 6.5 billion euros, which will create more than 20,000 new and mainly quality and well-paid positions. in the coming years.

A series of positive developments, which I will present to you briefly below, fill us with confidence and optimism for the future “.

As stated by the head of the construction group “in recent years there has been a rapid growth. GEK TERNA Group currently holds the largest portfolio of concessions in Greece, which can even stand in size and composition at European level. IRC Athens, the integrated tourism and entertainment development with a casino in Elliniko that will upgrade the position of Athens and our country in general on the world tourist map and of course the Egnatia Odos, the largest highway in Greece. our participations in state-of-the-art highways such as Nea Odos, Kentriki Odos and Olympia Odos, the new international airport in Kastelli, Crete, as well as other concessions and PPPs, such as ports, integrated waste management infrastructure and its sectors. Our leading position in the field of concessions ensures a stable position in the Group a, long-term revenues that act as a shield against fluctuations in the business cycle. Also, this is especially important in the current situation, it ensures a strong and quality additional unfinished projects in our construction company, TERNA, in extremely satisfactory terms. Of course, we do not stop here, as we seek to further expand our leadership position by participating in a number of tenders for new concessions in key transport, energy and telecommunications infrastructure. ”

According to Mr. Peristeris “in the field of infrastructure, TERNA is the best ambassador of the Greek technical world in Greece and in foreign markets, with a completely successful history of timely delivery of projects of high demands. With a quality outstanding over 5 billion. We are looking forward to the future with great optimism. even more technical, offering us flexibility and additional possibilities in difficult times, such as the current one. Vigilance and a dynamic monitoring and management of the issue is needed of the Ministry of Infrastructure so that the work invoices correspond as much as possible to the reality of the market, in order for the projects to be completed smoothly “.

Leading position in the energy sector

Referring to the energy sector, Mr. Peristeris stated “that our Group holds a leading position. Before the end of the decade we aim to have a portfolio of Renewable Energy Sources projects with a total installed capacity of approximately 6.4 GW. TERNA ENERGY is the largest in the production and storage of clean energy and in this difficult situation we help with our projects and investments many times the country and the consumers.I remind you at this point of the highest strategic importance of RES, especially wind energy, to deal with the economic storm which systematically threatens Western democracies and beyond, through the geopolitical instrumentalization of electricity costs: RES-generated energy lowers electricity costs while financing much of the subsidies, which are not fully adequate, partially consumers.

Our Group is also active in the field of conventional electricity generation and electricity trading through the company IRON, which is now our 100% subsidiary. With HERON 1 and HERON 2 units, HERON currently has a portfolio of units with a total capacity of approximately 600 MW and a strong position among private electricity and gas providers. At Group level, the total capacity is increased by the Natural Gas unit in Komotini with a capacity of 877 MW, which we are implementing in cooperation with Motor Oil, an investment of 375 million euros. In this area, too, however, we are called upon to manage difficult challenges due to the situation in the electricity market. We are also waiting for the market operation framework to be clarified, at a time when the difficulties of repaying electricity bills by consumers are intensifying “.

Extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program

Mr. Peristeris also referred to the extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program of the Group which last year amounted to 3.5 million euros, with the aim of improving the daily lives of millions of people, with projects and investments that offer the place and create growth and wealth.

“From the first moment that the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Group was and remains a helper of the work of the National Health System, through a large support program that continued in 2021 and continues this year. A very important social project that was implemented in 2021, was our donation to Damasi Tyrnavou, where TERNA built a new, modern school within just four months of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the area (March 2021), so that students can start the new school in time In addition, in 2021, the implementation of the large donation of TERNA ENERGIAKI for the conversion of the 115th Battle Wing in Souda into a “green” facility, covering its energy needs by 100% from Renewable Energy Sources, began. in 2021, we continued to support cultural and educational initiatives throughout Greece through sponsorships, including our support for a second the year, in the underwater archaeological excavation carried out in the sea area of ​​Kassos by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research of the National Research Foundation, which has already brought to light particularly important findings cultural heritage of Greece. Finally, responding to the emergencies created by the catastrophic fires of last summer, the Group has repeatedly sided with the affected areas.

The Group gives us special emphasis in the ESG sector as a whole, ie in the areas of environmental protection, society support and corporate governance. We have set up a special committee of the Board. for the supervision of the relevant issues, as well as a special working group with executives from almost all the Managements of the Group, which works intensively for this purpose. The Sustainable Development Report for 2021, which has been prepared according to the most modern standards – according to GRI, SASB and the Athens Stock Exchange – finds production of direct economic value increased by 10% compared to 2020, amounting to about 1.2 billion. euro. The Group also participates in the international platform CDP Climate Change, recording and publicizing the impact of our activities on the environment with the aim of a truly sustainable economy. We are currently developing a targeted action plan to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities, with specific and measurable targets for improving direct and indirect energy emissions, which will be in line with the objectives of both the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) and its Agreement. Paris “, he stated characteristically.

Concluding his speech at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, the head of the Construction Group said “What we have achieved is the basis on which we step for a new leap forward with even greater growth in the future. Our achievements are the result of hard work of our people, the exceptional human resources of the Group companies and the good reputation that we have built over time with skills, professionalism, consistency, insight and empathy that distinguish our Group, virtues that constitute our most essential and convincing legacy for the I want to close with something pleasant that concerns all of you. a new era in which we estimate that our shareholders will increasingly enjoy their fruits of our common effort “.

Source: Capital

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