Gender: 5 tiktokers to follow to find out more

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A subject on which I have heard more inaccuracies and clichés is certainly sex. When I was little more than a teenager I listened to every one and now that I am a few years older unfortunately the situation has not improved much. Whether it is due to a lack of sexual education at school or because it is often considered a taboo in the family, this issue, even when you are old enough to inquire extensively on your own, is always treated superficially. If you feel the need to know more, even to get to know your body better and perhaps improve the relationship with your partner, it comes to your rescue. TikTok. There are, in fact, fantastic accounts that make sexual information and are able to answer practically all (or almost) the doubts you have. Here are 5 that you must follow immediately:

GYNECOLOGY CALCAGNI (@ginecologacalcagni)

@gynecologacalcagni ## imparavontiktok ## ginfluencer ## ginfluencercalcagni ## gynecologacalcagni

♬ original sound – Gynecologist Calcagni

The doctor Monica Calcagni is a surgeon specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. I don’t know how he does it, but in a few seconds he can explain quite complex concepts. Whether you have doubts about a possible pregnancy or don’t know which contraceptive is best for you, she is definitely for you.

ELEONORA LANZEROTTO (@eleonoralanzerotto)

@ eleonoralanzerotto ## imparacontiktok ## sexual education ## midwife ## education ## questions

♬ original sound – Eleonora Lanzerotto

Eleonora Lanzerotto is a midwife, expert in sex education. As his profile bio also says, his mission is to answer your questions. In fact, practically on her account there is an answer to every kind of curiosity: very often the videos are in response to the users who follow her. For example: do you know how the morning after pill works? Find the answer in one of his videos.


@dr.staci.tBetcha no one’s done a version with their vulva puppet. Let’s see if this works. ##sugarcrash ##herstory ##obgyn ##womenshistorymonth

♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

It is one of the most followed of TikTok on the subject so much that it has become a small phenomenon in the United States. Specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, she deals with contraception, mental health and female and male sexuality. Among my favorite videos are those that analyze sex scenes in Bridgerton, pointing out that some things are practically impossible.

SEX EDUCATION WITH DB (@sexedwithdb)

@sexedwithdbRaise ur hand if ur in this club ##TeamUSATryout ##foryou ##period

♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up – Jadyn

Danielle Bezalel hosts a podcast on sex and also has a blog where she talks about the same topic. Many of these contents have also been reported on TikTok where the doctor uses an extra weapon: irony. Smiling is the best way to take away the kind of fear or shame that many feel about these topics.

ILARIA PEVERATO (@ilariapeverato)

@ ilariapeverato ## we learn together ## impariamocontiktok ## sexualityitalia ## sexuality ## pleasure ## sexual education ## perte ## mainstream ## game

♬ Cooking – AShamaluevMusic

As a good sex counselor, Ilaria Peverato explores sexuality in the round. From explaining what the famous G-spot is or how to use the menstrual cup to a large section on sex toys. Then there are also a couple of tips to stimulate female pleasure. Like, those tricks up your sleeve to take advantage of at the right time.

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