Genesis reveals new G90 features: smart suspension, rear-wheel steering and autopilot

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In November, Genesis officially revealed the body design of the refreshed G90, but the luxury car maker did not give a glimpse inside. Today, December 15, the situation has changed – the company officially showed the salon of the future flagship of the executive class, and also spoke about the key features of the G90. It turned out that engineers and designers worked not only to increase the level of comfort and high cost of materials, but also on completely unique technologies that allow the car to stand out even against the background of the mastodons of this segment.

First, the new executive class vehicle received steerable rear wheels that can turn 4 degrees at low speeds and 2 degrees at high speeds in order to reduce the turning radius. Many cars have a similar feature, but usually companies do not provide adaptation of the steering angle to speed. Secondly, the G90 was equipped with a unique predictive air suspension – the system uses the car’s front camera and navigation system, increasing the car’s ground clearance depending on road conditions.

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Although, of course, no one will drive such a car on holes and a dirt road. Thirdly, the sedan received a fairly advanced autopilot for the highway – it can change lanes and keep speed, but the system requires the driver’s hands on the steering wheel, just like Tesla. Closing the list of useful technologies is the function of a remote automatic valet parking – due to smart sensors, the car can get into a parking space without the participation of the owner. In addition, there is also something to see in the salon itself – for example, there is an advanced fingerprint identification system that allows you to start the car engine, use a personal set of settings or even make payments.

This entire system interacts with software that allows remote firmware updates – the function can update the software for driving assistants, steering assistants, suspension or braking systems, as well as for all digital instruments in the cabin and navigation without user intervention. And, of course, the interior trim of the G90 is replete with expensive materials – there is genuine leather, real wood, and glass mixed with metals and carbon fiber.

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