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Geolier: the review of the album Dio Lo Sa

Right now Geolier It’s Naples. He is its main representative. He aspired to this role and his land welcomed his desire. In the writing of belly and talent of Emanuele Palumbo (this is the registered name of the rapper born in 2000) his hometown is always present. The streets, the faces, the inequalities, the melodies. Geolier is the voice of the one he loves in Neapolitan. Of those who complain and those who get angry in dialect. Without pose, without posturing. The lyrical figure is authenticity, the story of what isof the air you breathe in the reality in which he has always been immersed, even after the multi-platinum success of The courage of children (2023). Her third album, God Knows (Warner Music Italy), is a confirmation: guiding Geolier’s pen is the desire to represent the soul of this people, beyond stereotypes and romanticized cinematic interpretations. His roots lie in the ambitions, fears and feelings of the Neapolitans. It was enough not to distort ourselves to reach the goal once again.

«Good evening or good morning, it depends on when you will hear the piece»: this is the paraphrase of the verse with which Geolier introduces himself to the public with his new album. Forever is the promise with which it begins God Knows. Nothing should change that. She must remain faithful to Naples and its spirit. It is the city that maintains him, not he who maintains the city, he says in the song. The artist chooses to open, not surprisingly, with the two main themes of the album: membership And authenticity. He confirms it in I swear to you: «I promised you that I would never change», not even after 63 platinum albums and 28 gold. Or after three concerts (21, 22 and 23 June) at Diego Armando Maradona stadiumsold out months in advance.

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In the tracklist we find some familiar featurings for Geolier. On the other hand, Emanuele does not collaborate with artists who are not friends of him. And so here, as in the previous album, I am there alongside him Sfera Ebbasta, Gué, Shiva, Lazza And Lele Blade. In addition to the many producers who accompanied him to the studio. Between these, Dat Boi Dee And Kermit who sign the beat of President. Enriched by a sample of Wishing on a starOf Rose Royce, the backing track supports one of the funniest lyrics on the album. Again paraphrasing, «I stick another cigar, settle down with Lucifer and then we sip a brandy». A stunt that works: years of sacrifice have led to success. And now he enjoys it.

One like you it is the Neapolitan version of Sweet Home Alabama. The light beat, made up of guitar and drums, gives it the aura of a possible radio hit. It’s not the only appearance of the guitar on the record. Bringing it back into the arrangements is Mace – fresh from disco – together with Shune, in A Lifetime Ago. A danceable piece, demonstrating that Geolier is not just one thing. In God Knows there are many styles: there is overseas country, raw rap (see the powerful Nu spoke, Nu heard, Nu old), the melodic song with the straight bass drum (I P’me, Tu P’te, the great piece that earned him second place at the last edition of the Sanremo Festival) and the contemporary urban. There’s even Latin music. Good and Bad Newswith the Argentine singer Maria Becerra, has the advantage of not falling into the hackneyed reggaeton packaged especially for the summer. It is a song about painful love that raises a question: is it possible that Neapolitans and Latins suffer with the same sound?


Lord Esperanza – Very Bad Trip

Fred again..; Anderson .Paak; CHIKA – places to be

SCH – Prequels

Source: Vanity Fair

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