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Geolier, with the Sanremo prize on the tomb of his deceased friend Daniele Caprio

A message of affection, a heartfelt promise. The Neapolitan rapper Geolierfresh from the success of Sanremovisited the family of a friend of his who recently passed away, Daniele Caprio, died at 17 due to cancer, right before the Festival. “We spoke every day,” she told al Courier after the opening night of the event. «What I will do at Ariston is for him».

«To Daniele!», he exclaimed from the stage, so that many – both at home and in the audience – wondered who he was referring to. The two had also met on the eve of Geolier's departure for the Liguriawhen the artist went to visit him in the department of Santobono-Pausiliponwhere the boy had been transferred due to the worsening of the sarcoma that had tormented him for years. «I'm sure you will win.”she had told him.

And indeed Geolier – who in the final ranking he placed second behind only ad Angelina Mango – returned from the Festival with a prize, the one he won on the cover night where he performed together with Luchè, Gué And Gigi D'Alessio. A recognition that the rapper brought himself last weekend on his friend's grave. «Daniel he taught me a lot», he said again in the interview with Courier.

«Before leaving for Sanremo I didn't say goodbye not even my mother, I ran to the hospital to see him. That He greeted me telling me pleasantly “please, it all worked out like that”», added Geolier, born in 2000, at the registry office Emanuele Palumbo. «When we were together, he closed the door and he vented to me, he said he couldn't take it anymore, that he felt seventy. But she smiled, despite her pain. He changed me».

Source: Vanity Fair

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