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George, Charlotte and Louis call Queen Camilla that way

The new Queen Consort Camilla he had to work hard to enter the hearts of the English. Only now have her “quotations” in the purse of sympathy among her subjects risen, and she has managed to be appreciated for all its qualities. But there is someone who has always loved Camilla (besides Carlo, of course) without prejudice or preconceptions: they are the little princes of Wales George, Charlotte and Louis, for whom Camilla is another grandmother.

All three know well that they are their “real” grandmothers Carole Middletonmother of mother Katein whose house they spend much of their free time, and Lady Dianadad’s mom William, which they only know in photographs and in the portraits hanging on the walls. But for the children, Camilla, grandfather’s wife, is also a grandmother Carloor «Grampa Wales» as they call it, and they also have an affectionate nickname for her.

This was revealed by Camilla herself Daily Mail: «For them I am Gaga: nothing to do with the singer, of course”, confessed the Queen Consort amused. «Actually, I don’t know if they call me that because they really think I’m a bit crazy (which in English is Gaga, ed), but I really like it: I find it funny, above all very sweet».

Probably, like all children, that when they are little they distort names because they don’t know how to pronounce them well, even George couldn’t pronounce the word Big But, grandmother, and he changed it, as he had already done with the great grandmother Elizabeth become «Gan Gan». Those nicknames then remained unchanged even for the little brothers who arrived later, for whom Camilla was automatically “Gaga”.

Now the three children, already deprived of great-grandfather Philipthey were left without their beloved «Gan Gan» whose disappearance left behind an immense void in the little princes (it seems that little Louis has asked his parents if he can still go to Balmoral, now that his great-grandmother is no longer there). But the other grandparents, and also the “acquired” grandmother Camilla, will do everything possible to help them to fill this void.

Source: Vanity Fair

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