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George Clooney and the motorcycle accident: “I thought it was the last minute of my life”

In July 2018 George Clooney, while filming the series Hulu Catch-22 in Sardinia, he had an accident, fortunately without serious consequences, on a motorcycle. Jolted out of his Harley Davidson after being hit by a car, he crashed into the asphalt. The impact was quite strong and the actor was sixty, speaking to Sunday Times, admitted that every now and then he still thinks about it. And who was afraid: “I waited for my switch to go out. I thought it was the last minute of my life“. He was convinced that he would not survive, and his thoughts flew to his wife Amal Alamuddin and the twins Ella and Alexander, who were only one year old at the time: “I thought I wouldn’t see them again”.

Clooney also said he really did demoralized because of some people who filmed him without respecting his pain: «Usually just a positive person. Yet I had to find that for certain people the last minute of my life would have been just entertainment on their Facebook page“. The actor “wanted to take them all and shake them up.” Instead of helping out, “they filmed me for a “like” on their social profiles».

The star had already remembered the incident last year, in an interview with Gq: “When I hit the ground, I thought my teeth had broken. Instead what I felt in my mouth was the windshield glass. My children were about a year old, I thought I would never see them again“. Luckily he got away with a bruised knee and a few bruises. But his wife Amal did not want to hear reasons: “No more motorcycles“. The star, who has always been passionate about two wheels, listened to her. AND donated to charity his beloved Harley-Davidson.


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