George Clooney: “They offered me $ 35 million for a day’s work and I refused”

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Thirty-five million dollars for a day’s work: that’s what he was offered George Clooney to shoot an airline commercial. An offer that, however, the Oscar-winning actor turned down for ethical reasons. “I talked about it with Amal and in the end we decided it wasn’t worth it,” the star told al The Guardian, presenting the new film The Tender Bar, in which the friend directs Ben Affleck. “The company is linked to a country which, although our ally, has sometimes questionable policies. And frankly, if I have to lose sleep for even a minute it means it’s not worth it. I’d say I have enough money “

Clooney did not specify which company was or what country associated with it was, but it is easy to guess that the “questionable policies” he mentioned in the interview concern human rights: his wife Amal Alamuddin, with whom he consulted, is among the UK’s most accredited human rights lawyers, and if he has come to the decision to refuse it is probably because she has provided him with enough data to make a proper assessment.

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin at the London premiere of The Tender Bar

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Moreover, on more than one occasion, Amal, who he married in Venice in 2014 and with whom he has two children, the twins Ella and Alexander, born in 2017, was his most trusted advisor. It is to her that Clooney also attributes the greater relaxation in the work that characterized him after marriage. And that led him to decide not to take part as an actor in The Tender Bar: «There aren’t many interesting roles around, but in the end I don’t have to act. I was also talking about it with my wife this summer, when I turned 60: we both love our jobs, but we don’t have to go crazy ».

So he allowed himself to slow down and take care of the family more. “We have a nanny only four days a week, Amal, however busy, did not want to delegate everything”, revealed the star, adding however that during the restrictions for Covid, in which the couple did without help, he has grown into an accomplished homemaker: «During the months of lockdown we were at home like everyone else and we were alone. I felt like my mother in 1964: I washed dishes and loaded washing machines ».

In Italy The Tender Bar will be on Prime Video starting January 7.


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