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George Clooney to debut on Broadway in adaptation of “Good Night and Good Luck”

George Clooney 63, will debut on Broadway with an adaptation of the film “Good night and good luck”. The production was written and directed by the artist in 2005.

In the play, he will play the journalist Edward R. Murrow a role that belonged to David Strathairn in the film version. “I am honored, after all these years, to return to the stage and, most importantly, to Broadway, the art form and place every actor aspires to,” the actor said in a press release.

According to information from Variety, the play “Boa Noite e Boa Sorte” will be directed by David Cromer and is expected to hit the stage in the fall of 2025, in a theater that has yet to be announced.

In the story, a TV anchor struggles to show both sides of McCarthyism in his newspaper. To do this, he reveals the senator's tactics and lies Joseph McCarthy in his hunt for suspected communists. This began a major public confrontation that had consequences for North American television.

Source: CNN Brasil

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