George Soros: the millions of the new bogeyman

Conspiracy theorists rank him as the great social engineer of the 'new world order'. 2020 has crowned him the great villain.

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Long ago, to scare the children the Bogeyman was invoked. But today that mythological lord does not scare anyone, unlike George Soros, who is real and At 90 years of age, he has the halo of the greatest felon of the 21st century. Soros’s speculative villainy has given rise to all sorts of convoluted theories – the list of his attributed warps can be found on internet forums and YouTube videos – and it works perfectly, to the point that in this piranha of the Stock market, philanthropist and “funder ofhe globalist project “focuses on the fears of a society in transformation. The official story of Soros tells that he was born in Budapest in 1930, into a middle-class Jewish family.

In 1944, the Nazis occupied Hungary and the Soros family was saved from extermination by falsifying their identity: they posed as practicing Christians and helped other Jews obtain safe-conduct, although conspiracy theory suggests that the key to their security lay in a collaboration with the Reich.

In 1947, after the Soviet occupation, Soros moved to London, where he studied economics after raising the money by working as a waiter and porter. He moved to New York in 1957 and there began his brilliant career as a financial speculator, working first for FM Mayer in the stock market, and, from 1973, founding his own investment fund, Quantum. He had anticipated the future of money: Wealth would no longer come from production, but from betting on the trading floor, and Quantum specialized in exploiting detectable financial market distortions and failures by gaining insider information or analyzing trends. Thus it struck its most memorable blow, on Black Wednesday of September 16, 1992, when it detected an inflation of the exchange rate of the pound sterling. His fortune exceeds 8,300 million.

Since then, Soros has been identified as an ogre that feeds on the stock market caviar of neoliberalism. As he accumulated money, he also generated aversion. There was formed the conspiracy theory that attributes the use of the lever in the construction of a New world order. The tendency to identify him as the face of the invisible threat increased from 1979, when he launched the foundation Open Society and began a program of funding for liberal causes such as free trade -including that of drugs-, human rights and, in recent years, the defense of minorities and identities, which its detractors point out as ingeniería social.

Young wife

On the visible surface of his activity, Soros is a financial shark that tempers your scruples -It’s not always comfortable to be so rich-with philanthropy. Their promotion of the global market is based on the belief that it is the best for their business.

Married for the third time in 2013 to Tamiko Bolton, a pharmaceutical businesswoman 40 years youngerSoros has been retired from managing the fund for years, although he oversees the activities of the Open Society. He has five children from his two marriages to Annaliese Witschak and Susan Weber. It is her puppies who really run the show, the ones who pet the cat behind the desk.

Soros is what is known as a daemonic reality, according to Jung: the credible representation of an atavistic fear installed in collective psychology, which in this case would be the invisible power that controls the world.

Soros, who sounds like Sauron or Saurus -which would lead to suspect that he is a reptilian leader-, has everything to feed the suspicion: an opaque past, an unapproachable wealth, a personal agenda with enemies and, if that were not enough, a palindrome surname so sonorous, so bad, that it no longer sounds like a bullfighter and seems invented by Dan Brown. And what the hell, it sure isn’t clean wheat. Something is up.

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