Georgia Meloni takes stock of her first 100 days

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The Italian prime minister takes stock of the first 100 days of her administration Georgia Meloni. “Italy is in a better situation than some would have us believe. The spread, in the last hundred days, decreased from 236 to 175 points. The Milan stock market rose 20% and the Bank of Italy predicts that in the second half of this year, our economy will recover significantly,” said the Italian Prime Minister.

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At the same time, Meloni emphasized that inflation will start to decrease and that in the coming weeks Italian citizens will have positive effects in their daily lives from the reduction in the price of natural gas.

“We will draw the conclusions of our work, which is a marathon and not a hundred meter race, at the end of our journey. I can say that I am optimistic,” said the head of the Italian government.

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In relation to immigration and refugees, he made it known that before the next European Summit, he will make a series of visits to European capitals “to strengthen the position of Italy and to persuade the larger countries to help Rome with the flows in the central Mediterranean, so that steps forward can be made.”

Source: News Beast

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