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Georgia's president has vetoed the “foreign agents” law that led to mass protests

Georgian President Salome Zourabisvili announced today that she has vetoed the controversial “foreign agents” law, which has led to mass protests in the Caucasus country. “Today I veto (…) the law which is Russian in its essence and which contradicts our Constitution,” Zurabishvili said in a televised speech. It is, however, a symbolic veto by the pro-European president, who is in open conflict with the government, as the ruling Georgian Dream party, which tabled the bill, says it has enough votes in parliament to overturn it. The text, approved on Tuesday by Parliament, has been denounced by its critics as intended to distance Georgia from Europe and draw it towards Russia. It has led to mass protests for over a month in Georgia, with thousands of people – mostly young people – taking to the streets in protest. NATO, the European Commission and the UN condemned the initiative […]
Source: News Beast

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