Gerard Piqué launches a controversial message after his separation from Shakira and his retirement from football

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After some time without issuing a statement, former soccer player Gerard Piqué finally spoke about the changes that have taken place in his life after his last game. During an interview with the streamer Y youtuber Ibai Llanos, the athlete was honest about everything related to his retirement, but made a couple of statements that could perhaps generate controversy.

In the interview, Llanos asked him if at some point he would like to serve as president of Barcelona and although the former soccer player did not deny the possibility, he commented that it is not something that he has contemplated at the moment, since he wants to explore other paths.

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Right now I want to do many other things, think that I have really enjoyed my career as a footballer for many years, but now to have the freedom not to be training every day, nor busy weekends, shared, because it will give me the opportunity to focus on many other things that I want to do.

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To the obligatory question of why he decided to retire just now, the soccer star said that it was for many reasons, because since the season began he did not have the best feelings about continuing. Furthermore, he stated that he had always said that the day he did not feel important he would leave the sport. Apparently, he already wanted to leave before, but the fact that there were injuries in the team delayed his departure.

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You sometimes have to, and I have been told a lot during my career, and the truth is that I have not paid much attention to it, you have to be and also appear and I have never seemed, I have always been.

I can understand that people care a lot about that and that, damn it, it’s gorgeous, it’s cool, it’s cool that people are so involved and that the ‘fans’ are there and that they demand a lot from you, but they have to understand that the players are people, we need to eat out, dine out, have a social life.

I have played to the limit all my life and I will continue to do so; I am like that, but I have recognized it. I am very happy, really, I tell you, because I said goodbye well. I look back and I see that I have made a spectacular trip, I have felt a f * privileged every day of my life for all these years. And I hope now that I have retired to continue living this way.

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