German election bomb poll: 55% say first place has not been judged

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More than half of Germans do not consider the outcome of Sunday’s election a “done deal,” despite the steady lead of the Social Democratic Party, according to a new poll, which also brings to light the mistakes that seem to ultimately cost candidates.

According to BILD, on behalf of which the Insa Institute poll was conducted, 55% of the voters state that the first place in the elections has not been decided yet, while in terms of the issues that shaped their choice of voting, 24% remembers in a negative way the laughter of Armin Lasset (CDU) who was “captured” by the cameras while the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his grief for the victims of the floods in West Germany, while 19% refer to ” the chaotic situation that prevailed in the operation to leave Afghanistan “.

The same percentage states that it was influenced by the televised controversies of the candidates, 16% from the case of plagiarism in the book by Analena Berbok (Greens) and 14% from the raid on the Ministry of Finance by Olaf Solz (SPD), in the context of the investigation into operation of the anti-black money service.

One in three Germans also say they have changed their mind at least once during the pre-election period, while 22% admit to having moved more than once. Of these, 51% say they have changed their mind in the last six weeks.

Regarding the direct election of the Chancellor, 47% state that they are not indifferent to their daily life in the future, whether Olaf Soltz or Armin Lasset will be the Chancellor.

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