German election: Controversy in conservative camp continues after CDU / CSU defeat

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Changes of persons in the parliamentary group, exploratory discussions to form a governing coalition – there are disagreements in all these issues in the conservative camp (CDU/CSU), following the result of German elections.

The current head of the Federal Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (Bundestag) Norbert Retgen considers that the Christian Democratic Party is in “existential danger”, broadcasts the APE BPE, citing German media.

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In this party, the criticism for the strategy of the candidate for chancellor is increasing. Armin Lassett to consult with them Greens (Die Gruenen) and the Liberal party (FDP) despite losing the federal election.

The Federal Minister of Finance Peter Altmeier recommended a “dose of humility” to his party and called for “a speedy discussion of the content and staffing of the CDU for the future. “We suffered a crushing defeat. We have lost many voters. “It must also determine our further behavior and our staffing for the next period,” he told the Rheinische Post. Asked if a government mandate could come from the historically worst election result for his party, Altmeier said: “We will not deny the talks. There are several possible government combinations. Therefore, it would be wrong to exclude something. “

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The current head of the foreign affairs committee of the federal parliament Norbert Retgen called for a complete overhaul of the party given the significantly lower voter support. “The whole party needs to understand that this is what is needed now. “The CDU is in ‘existential danger’ of losing its status as a large multi-party party,” he told the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger. Rγκtgen, however, opposed the immediate change of faces: “We can not start internal competition in parallel with the negotiations for the formation of a government. “Such a thing would not be compatible,” he stressed. Referring to Lassett, he said that “he is the elected president of the party and he was the candidate for chancellor. “These decisions will remain in force until further notice.”

What political leaders say

Although Christian Democrats and Christian Socialists collapsed in 24,1% and the SPD with a candidate for chancellor Olaf Solts emerged as the strongest force in the election, Lassett said on election night that he was aiming for a coalition with the Greens and the FDP. The SPD also seeks to co-govern with them, which it considers to have received the clear mandate to form a government from 25,7% (which won the election).

The president of the Christian Democrat Youth used a completely different wording Tilman Kuban: “We lost the elections. Perfect. “The clear mandate to form a government belongs to the SPD, the Greens and the FDP,” he said.

The majority of citizens seem to agree. According to an online poll conducted by Civey on behalf of the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, 71% considers it clearly wrong or rather wrong that Lassette wants to try to form a government. Lasset considers it correct 22% of respondents on the internet.

There is disagreement about his election chief of the Christian Democrat parliamentary group (CDU) and shortly before the first meeting of the new parliamentary group.

Its current head Ralph Brinkhaus wants to run again today’s meeting in the late afternoon and be re-elected for a full year. CDU President Lassett, however, had suggested that Brinkhaus remain in office until the inaugural session of the federal parliament on October 26. According to the German News Agency (dpa), there are opponents and supporters for both options.

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