German elections: Russia hopes for continuation of bilateral relations

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The Kremlin is watching them closely electoral developments in Germany, while he hopes that there will be a continuation of Berlin’s policy in bilateral relations. At the same time, Moscow believes that the existing disagreements and problems should be resolved only through dialogue, the Russian president’s spokesman said on Monday. Dmitry Peshkov.

According to the APE MP, the Kremlin spokesman stated that “undoubtedly the elections in the largest country in Europe are a development, a fact which of course attracts the attention of the whole world and we of course watch very closely what is happening, what are the results. “We undoubtedly hope for the future of our bilateral relations.”

He then pointed out the importance it has for her Russia the further development of economic relations between the two countries: “Germany is, of course, a very large trading, economic and investment partner. We are interested in our relations to continue and develop further “.

Mr. Peshkov also referred to the existing ones disagreements between the two countries, but expressed the belief that there is a perception between Moscow and Berlin that problems can only be resolved through dialogue. “We are not free from disagreements, but we are united by understanding “We can and must solve the problems only through dialogue”, he noted.

Referring to the formation of a coalition government, the Kremlin spokesman said: “Because we understand that the process of forming a coalition government will be long, difficult, that is why it will keep an eye on its evolution “.

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