German Minister for Health: There are enough vaccines for everyone

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Her Minister of Health Germany Jens Span assured that there is sufficiency vaccines for booster vaccination.

The explanation came after leak of its directive to limit the use of the Pfizer formulation and to promote its Moderna counterpart, as large stocks of the latter are approaching their expiration date.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, despite the restriction, “there is enough vaccine for everyone”. Indicatively, three million BioNTech / Pfizer vaccines have been stored in vaccination centers and clinics, while next week an additional 5.9 million and 15 million will be delivered by the end of the year. At the same time, by the end of the year, 26 million doses of Moderna vaccines will be available and, in total, up to 50 million vaccinations will be available by then. “According to our calculations, this is enough to meet the demand for this period,” the statement said.

However, the decision of the Ministry of Health continues to be criticized, mainly for the risk of causing a significant delay in the vaccination campaign. Insurance fund spokesman Andreas Gassen told BILD that “we are stunned by the caretaker government, which one day announces with great fanfare the big vaccination campaign and the next day limits the delivery of BioNTech vaccines to 30 per week.” every doctor’s office “. He also pointed out that in this way “the insecurity of the citizens is intensified, while the doctors remain exposed”. In the same vein, the Bavarian Association of Insurance Fund Physicians announced that Jens Spann’s decision was a “sabotage” of efforts to increase the vaccination rate. “We are responding, Mr. Span is not,” the statement from Thuringia said.

On the part of the parties, the representative of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) for health issues Karl Lauterbach called the decision “wrong”, “especially at a time with so many cases” and said that the expiration date of Moderna vaccines was known long ago. and the government should have taken care to make them available to other countries in time. The Standing Vaccination Committee (Stiko), however, considers the two vaccines equivalent.

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