German “no” to Belarus’ proposal to transfer 2,000 migrants – The “nail” of the EU

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“Cancel” in her proposal Belarus for the reception by Germany 2,000 immigrants located on Belarusian territory dropped Berlin, as evidenced by the response of a representative of the German government.

It is recalled that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today accused the European Union authorities that deny any discussion of the fate of the 2,000 immigrants Westerners accuse Belarus of artificially creating the crisis by organizing the flow of migrants from the Middle East to Minsk and then channeling them to the Polish border with the promise of easy passage through the of the European Union, to avenge the Union for sanctions imposed against the Belarusian regime for suppressing the opposition movement.

Lukashenko: Brussels denies any contact on the issue

“I expect the European Union to respond to question concerning the 2,000 immigrantsAlexander Lukashenko was quoted as saying by Belta news agency during a government meeting. The President of Belarus stated that he had asked the European Union to welcome the migrants. “The (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel “I was promised that European officials would look into the matter at EU level,” Lukashenko, who spoke with Merkel twice last week, said:

“But they do not,” he said, adding that Brussels denies any contact on the issue despite calls from the Belarusian Foreign Minister. “We will ask the Germans to accept them,” he said.

Belarus assured last week that the German chancellor was to negotiate with the European Union the creation of a “humanitarian corridor” for the crossing of 2,000 migrants who remain at the border with Germany, reports APE-MPE. This claim categorically denied by the German Government.

The “invalid” of Berlin

“The idea that a humanitarian corridor could be set up for Germany for 2,000 migrants – and we said that last week – is not a solution acceptable to Germany or the European Union,” said a German government spokesman. Stephen Seibert reacting to Lukashenko’s allegations.

Thousands of migrants, mostly Iraqi Kurds, were trapped in icy forests on the border between Belarus and Poland, hoping to cross into European territory. About 400 were repatriated by plane to Iraq on Thursday, and about 2,000 were taken to a detention center shed near the border.

EU on Lukashenko: We do not comment on what he says because many of them have nothing to do with reality

At the same time, the EU’s ongoing contacts with Minsk were reiterated by the Representative of the Commission for Foreign Affairs Peter Stano Asked about Alexander Lukashenko’s latest comments on the subject, as well as the technical discussions. At the same time, Mr. Stano stressed that there is usually no comment on “what Mr. Lukashenko says because many of them have nothing to do with reality.”

“We have been clear in recent days about what we will do about EU assistance or possible assistance in resolving this artificial crisis. We are in contact with many of the interlocutors in Belarus. I can recall the communication with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The High Representative has twice in the last seven days had a telephone conversation with the Foreign Minister of Belarus. “Representatives of the European External Action Service also had occasional contacts with their counterparts at the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the Commission spokesman said.

“From our point of view, what we are seeing is that there is an interaction right along the line that we say we are looking for the possibility of keeping the talks between the UN agencies and Belarus at a technical level so that we can see how we can help and assist “Efforts to repatriate citizens trapped in Belarus,” said Peter Stano.

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