German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is running for a second term

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The current president announced today his intention to run for a second term in the German presidency Frank-Walter Steinmeier, claiming his re-election.

“I would like to run for a second term as Federal President,” Steinmeier said, referring to “troubled times” as Germany faces the aftermath of a pandemic, crucial elections and political unrest. “I would like the opportunity to accompany the country on the road to the future, a future after the pandemic,” said the 65-year-old President and stressed the need for German society not to be torn apart by the crisis.

According to AMPE, the Social Democrat (SPD) Frank-Walter Steinmeier was nominated for the post by the then President of his party Sigmar Gabriel and was supported by the parties of the grand coalition. He was elected on February 12, 2017 with a percentage of 75%.

Following the announcement of Steinmeier’s new candidacy, government spokesman Stephen Seibert said that the Chancellor Angela Merkel had a phone conversation with him earlier today. “He has great respect for both himself and the institution of the Federal President. The announcement speaks for itself “, he added.

The President’s statement was immediately welcomed by the Minister of Finance and candidate for Chancellor from the SPD Olaf Solz. «This is good news for Germany. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is available for a second term. He is a President who deals with important social issues, who builds bridges and paves the way. “A president who enjoys great respect from the people and broad support from all sides,” said Mr. Soltz.

For the Greens, co-chairs Analena Berbock and Robert Hubbek warned their opponents not to use the presidency for the purposes of their election campaign. “Mr Steinmeier’s announcement should not mean that the post of Federal President will be part of the election campaign. Who will be the head of state will be decided after the federal elections“, Wrote the party leaders in a joint statement, noting, however, that Mr. Steinmeier gave the institution insight and humanity.

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