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German Press: Mariupol is a symbol of war

German Press: Mariupol is a symbol of war

The dramatic fate of Mariupol dominates the comments of the German press. Handelsblatt blames Chancellor Solt for the absence of a political fist in time of war.

“Mariupol is the symbol of the war in Ukraine. Surrounded and abandoned by almost everyone, the residents are resisting by all means against the invaders”, we read in the subtitle of her article Süddeutsche Zeitung entitled “Symbol of terror”. The Munich newspaper notes: “It may one day be said that the war in Ukraine was not judged in Kyiv, but in Mariupol.”

“There is no life” in Mariupol

“No Life”: Mariupol Immersed in Destruction Like Stalingrad Once Upon a Time Focus In its online version it refers in detail to the situation prevailing in the city after a night of siege by the Russian army and stands in the statements of the Greek consul Manolis Androulakis after his return to Athens: “Mariupol will be added to the list of cities completely destroyed by war, such as Guernica in Spain, Grosni in Chechnya and Aleppo in Syria, said, among others, the Greek consul calling on citizens to unite their voices calling for a ceasefire.

Russia is seeking the surrender of the Ukrainians through terrorism

“Mariupol has become a symbol of the brutality of the Russian military machine in Ukraine, comments the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Clear Terrorism”: “Vladimir Putin’s military forces do not accidentally turn to apartment buildings, hospitals, markets and shelters. Since it became clear to the Russian president that the Ukrainians are supporting the resistance with all their might, The threat posed by the Ukrainians to the “nationalists” in Mariupol shows, moreover, that the end of hostilities will not bring an end to terrorism. “Those who have played a role in politics and civil society or have openly spoken out in favor of an independent Ukraine are to expect the worst after a Russian victory.”

Chancellor Soltz is not giving direction

THE Handelsblatt “Germany needs strong leadership, but Olaf Solz does not live up to expectations,” reads a subtitle. The Düsseldorf financial newspaper notes: “The chancellor cannot deliver a historic speech every month like the one on February 27, when within 30 minutes he changed forever 30 years of German foreign and defense policy, as well as security policy. But since then. Olaf Solz is silent and lets things unfold, but almost every hour brings new atrocities from the war fronts, more anxiety and chaos in support of the people on the occasion of the spike in energy prices.Yes, the chancellor holds his daily meetings He’s present, but he is not leading the debate in the German parliament on Wednesday. “The opposite is happening.”

Poland is a model in the distribution of refugees

The Frankfurter Neue Presse refers to the public debate in Germany on the distribution of Ukrainian refugees: “Without the systematic registration of refugees, it will be impossible to monitor the needs of housing, classrooms and kindergartens, as well as the necessary financial support. However, they did succeed. From the beginning, they recorded who would go where. They even used software from a German IT company. in Ukraine “.

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