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German regulator: Gas storage targets ambitious

Germany is likely to miss the government’s target for natural gas storage levels in November, the head of the country’s energy regulator, Bundesnetzagentur, Klaus Mueller, said on Thursday.

Speaking to the German network t-online, Mueller warned that Europe’s largest economy has two difficult winters ahead of it, as reported by Reuters.

It is noted that Germany has already met the first target of 75% fullness of natural gas storage facilities by September 1st, with subsequent targets set at 85% by October 1st and 95% by November 1st.

“I don’t expect that we will reach the next storage targets as quickly as the first,” Klaus Mueller told t-online, adding that reaching 85% occupancy “is not impossible, but very ambitious,” especially by October 1, if the country already uses heating.

“In all our scenarios, we will miss the average fill level of 95% on November 1. We will barely be able to achieve this as the individual storage systems started from very low levels,” added the head of the Bundesnetzagentur.

Mueller added that the Germans should save gas as they will face problems for a few years.

“It’s not just one winter, it’s at least two, and next winter could be even more difficult,” the head of Germany’s energy regulator said, adding that local gas shortages were likely during the winter. .

Germany is in the second phase of the government’s three-stage emergency plan to reduce its dependence on Russian gas as a result of sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine.

Russia has drastically cut gas flows to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline since mid-June and is currently supplying only 20% of the agreed quantities, attributing the reduction to technical issues, with Europe blaming on its side, Moscow for a politically motivated decision and instrumentalization of natural gas.

Source: Capital

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