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German tourist climbs for a selfie at the Poseidon fountain in Florence and detaches a piece from the horse’s leg

A 22-year-old tourist climbed the fountain of Poseidonat Florence to take out selfie and now it is called to pay a fine of 5,000 euros, as a small piece of the horse’s leg came off.

The incident occurred last night, when the 22-year-old German tourist went up to the fountain of Poseidon, in the most central point of Florence, in order to take a picture. At first, the statue appeared to be undamaged. However, after a careful “examination” of the maintainers, it was found that due to the weight of the tourist, a small piece of the foot of Poseidon’s horse, inside the fountain, was detached. The Berliner in question thought of climbing over the fence, over the edge of the pool and onto the horse’s leg. In then trying to dismount, he again put his lower limb on the horse’s leg, which could not support his weight.

The young tourist pretended that nothing happened, hurried away with his friends, but the alarm went off immediately.

The officials of the municipality, with the help of images from security cameras, they were able to identify the person responsiblewho is now accused of destroying and causing damage to the country’s cultural heritage.

“The person responsible for this act it completely lacks the sense of respect for culture and beauty that should characterize anyone who decides to visit our country. Such incidents must stop and very soon the Parliament of Rome will approve a law increasing the penalties provided for,” said Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano.

This is not the only incident in the city but also in the neighboring country. Two German tourists spray painted a football slogan on August 24 on a 16th-century Florentine monument.

Seven large letters and numbers referring to the German football team, Munich 1860, were painted in black paint on exterior columns of the Vasari Corridor overlooking the Arno River.

The Colosseum has also fallen victim to vandalism three times this summerwith tourists trying to carve their initials into the monument.

Source: News Beast

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