Germán Tovar, actor of ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’, dies at the age of 72

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According to international media, the world of I am Betty the Ugly one is in mourning after Germán Tovar, one of the actors who made up the cast, died at the age of 72 on January 20, according to the Colombian Society of Actors in a publication he made on Instagram.

The group issued a few words to honor his memory and support the artist’s family, who gave life to lawyer José Ambrosio Rosales, one of the lawyers in charge of seizing the Ecomoda company.

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German Tovar actor with cap and glasses

Her role was very important in the series and unforgettable for us, since when Betty leaves the company, her lawyers were in charge of the situation.

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Let’s remember that this graduate fell madly in love with Patricia Fernández from the first time he saw her in the company, but this character was not the only one that Germán gave life to, as he also had other participations in various series such as Married with children Y emergency room.

German Tovar in Ugly Betty

It should be noted that until now the causes of his death are unknown, but this actor would be the seventh member of the most played telenovela in the world who has died, so let’s not forget that its author Fernando Gaitán died in 2019, while the actor Raúl Santa, who gave life to “Pupuchurro”, passed away in 2021.

In addition, in 2014 the actress Celmira Luzardo, who played Catalina Ángel, died as a result of stomach cancer. That same year Alberto Valdiri also died, who did not have so many scenes, but gave life to “Gordito”, Bertha’s husband.

the ugly barracks crying in scene of the novel

Another painful departure that was known about was that of Lina Marulanda, one of the Ecomoda models, who unfortunately took her own life in 2010. In addition, last year, the cast fired the beloved Dora Cadavid, who played the endearing Mrs. Inesita.

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