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Germany: 42-year-old cannibal sentenced to life in prison – Killed and eaten by man

Germany: 42-year-old cannibal sentenced to life in prison – Killed and eaten by man

In Life imprisonment was sentenced on Friday (7/1) a former educational in Germany who killed, dismembered and ate members of a 43-year-old man he had met online.

THE Stefan R., 42 years old, was found guilty of manslaughter and insulting the dead. Due to the seriousness of the crime, the decision of the Berlin court is accompanied by a recommendation that makes it almost impossible to release him on parole, according to the French Agency.

As relayed by APE BPE, the president of the court Matthias Sertz said that Stefan R. committed the crime “in order to carry out the cannibalistic fantasy his “and called him” inhuman “.

In the thirty years of his career, the judge said that “he has not seen anything like this”.

The accused remained silent and deadpan when reading the decision.

The chronicle of the case

On September 6, 2020 the victim agreed to meet with the accused, through a erotic dating platform.

He took a taxi to his apartment in Berlin-Pankov, in the northern suburbs of the German capital. There the perpetrator sedated and the strangled, while in then ate some of its members.

The investigation into the disappearance of the victim was frozen until November of the same year human remains were found in a park and were found to belong to the missing person.

Analyzing it mobile phone the police then managed to locate him taxi driver which carried him that night.

In the apartment they were found traces of blood, other parts of the victim’s body and many tools, such as a saw.

The case is reminiscent of his Detlev Ginzel, a former police chief found guilty of the murder and dismemberment, at the request of the victim, of a man he had met online. Another case that shocked Germany in the early 2000s was his Armin Maives, the so-called “Rothenburg cannibal”, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 for murder and cannibalism.

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