Germany abolishes vaccination priority in June

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Abolition of the order of priority in the vaccination of the population against it coronavirus Most likely in June, German Health Minister Jens Spann announced today, stressing that easing restrictions can only be discussed if the third wave of the pandemic “breaks”.

The abolition of the priority order in June depends mainly on the observance of the delivery schedules of the vaccines by the companies, noted the Span, as broadcast by AMPE, and clarified that this change does not mean “neither that everyone will have an appointment for vaccination within a week nor that they will have been vaccinated before the end of the month”.

To get to this point, we will need the summer, he added. He said that so far 18% of Germans have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine, while 7% have received both doses. Very soon, he estimated, one third of the citizens will have been vaccinated, as the process is now evolving rapidly.

Regarding the possibility of those who have been vaccinated to regain some of their freedoms, the Minister of Health stated that, “when the third wave breaks, then it will be possible to open to some extent and then a vaccine can be equivalent to a negative test “. The issue will be discussed next Monday and the new Chancellor’s teleconference Angela Merkel with the Prime Ministers of the states.

Regarding the evolution of the pandemic, Jens Span stressed once again that the Intensive Care Units – “and especially the staff” – accept a large charge. Today, 5,000 patients are treated in ICUs with Covid-19. “As the number of cases increases, so does the burden on hospitals. And the only way we have to reduce the burden is to reduce contacts “, the minister stressed, although, as he said, the vaccination has started to bring visible results.

On the part of the Robert Koch Institute, Vice President Lars Saade explained that at the moment there is no rapid increase in cases, but at the same time there is no visible decrease. In addition, about 1,000 people have died each week since March, and many who have recovered suffer from the effects of the infection. “It is too early to signal the end of the alarm,” he added.

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