Germany: All children 12 and older will be vaccinated by September

According to the head of the chancellery Helge Brown It will be possible to vaccinate all children aged 12 and over by the end of the summer, according to APE.

“We decided to give the opportunity to vaccinate children and young people over 12 years old, that is, to allow the possibility of vaccination for this age group as well. We want to complete their vaccination by mid-September. “We still believe it is realistic,” said the Christian Democrat (CDU) politician on the ARD network, referring to decisions made yesterday at a meeting of federal and state governments.

It agreed that children aged 12 and over should be able to be vaccinated against coronavirus from 7 June. A condition for this, however, is that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will approve the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine for this age group as well, an approval it has already given for those aged 16 and over. However, the states do not have additional vaccines for this age group of children and young people. In addition, both Biontech / Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson recently announced delayed delivery of their vaccine.

“But it is too much to say that children need to be vaccinated in order to be safe in schools. “It is an individual decision and that is why I find it good that parents and doctors are free to decide and that we do not pressure them to be vaccinated or vice versa,” Brown concluded.