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Germany announced a new military aid package of 400 million euros for Ukraine

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced earlier today the delivery of a new military aid amounting to 400 million euros in Ukraine. “Taurus” missiles are not included in the package.

“We are supplying Ukraine with more ammunition: explosives, mortar shells, mine rockets. Ammunition is what Ukraine needs most for its defensive struggle. In addition, Germany will help with armored vehicles and demining systems and, ahead of winter, clothing and electricity and heat generators will also be sent, and by the end of the year they will have been trained in Germany at least 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers,” Mr Pistorius told BILD newspaper shortly before the Defense Ministers’ meeting of the Contact Group on Ukraine, which takes place today at the Ramstein base. Mr. Pistorius will not take part in the meeting, however, as he is positive for the coronavirus.

Specifically referring to cruise missiles “Taurus” that Kiev has requested, the German Minister of Defense explained that no relevant decision has yet been made. “It remains to be seen whether these missiles can be used without the support of Bundeswehr soldiers,” Mr Pistorius added. The German side appears cautious in the tradition of the ultra-modern German-Swedish-made rocket long-range air-to-surface “Taurus” and had in the past rejected a similar request, for fear of further escalation of the war, if targets inside Russian territory were hit.

Since the beginning of the year, Germany has provided Ukraine with military aid amounting to 5.4 billion euros, while it has approved arms program licenses amounting to 10 billion for the following years.

Source: News Beast

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