Germany: Appeal by politicians and scientists for more freedom for vaccinated people

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At a time when coronavirus cases are gradually increasing worldwide, political controversy is intensifying in Germany with regard to the measures that should apply from the autumn, the freedoms of the vaccinated and the possibility of compulsory vaccinations for special categories. The occasion was the statements of the Chief of Staff of the Chancellery Helge Brown on Sunday (15/6) for greater freedoms of the vaccinated and prevention of a general lockdown.

Greater freedom of vaccinated “does not discriminate against non-vaccinated”, “Those who are not vaccinated should realize that we must protect society as a whole and therefore only allow vaccinated people to take part in larger events,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told RTL / ntv earlier in the day.

According to the Athens News Agency, Mr. Zeehofer, however, opposed the mandatory vaccinations, pointing out that “we must persuade people to be vaccinated”, while he stressed that the vaccination should not be a condition for the employment relationship or the conclusion of an insurance policy.

The Social Democrats (SPD)’s health minister and professor of epidemiology, Karl Lauterbach, has called for more restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus: “Unfortunately, we have to expect a significant increase in the number of cases holidays and will be more concentrated indoors in the fall. And then those who take the test will not be able to identify with them vaccinated or those who have recovered from Covid-19 “, he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and explained that the percentage of false tests is too high to allow such a thing.

“There will be no choice but to allow access to places where many people gather only to those who have been vaccinated,” Lauterbach added, calling for the debate to take place immediately, not during the September election campaign.

The same spirit was expressed by the co-president of the Greens, Robert Habeck, who did not rule out granting more freedom to the vaccinated in view of the autumn and winter. The only exception to this rule, he said, should be provided for those who cannot, for health reasons, be vaccinated. Mr Habeck also called for the vaccination campaign to be intensified and for non-German-speaking people to have access to the vaccine as easily as possible.

Germany: Restrictions on the unvaccinated unavoidable

The president of the World Medical Association, Ulrich Montgomery, also supported Helge Brown’s view and, speaking to the Funke Group, said restrictions on the unvaccinated were inevitable. “There is no reason to deprive those who have been vaccinated or have recovered of their fundamental rights for the sake of some eternal vaccine-avoidance warnings,” he said, criticizing the Liberals (FDP), who suspect “compulsory vaccination from the back door.” accusing them of “primitive populism” and a “distorted conception” of freedom. “Vaccination benefits not only the individual being vaccinated, but also society as a whole. “Only through vaccination can we regain our freedoms,” said Montgomery. Earlier, FDP Vice President Wolfgang Kubiki spoke of “mandatory back-door vaccination” and called the “categorization of fundamental rights in the first and second order” unconstitutional.

“Anyone who can be vaccinated must be vaccinated”

Epidemiologist and pediatrician Sigwart Beagle, a former member of the German Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko), unequivocally advocated for mandatory adult vaccination. “Anyone who can be vaccinated must be vaccinated,” Beagle said in an article published today in the newspaper Die Zeit. “Imposing a new lockdown every now and then, because some people are not vaccinated, is a violation of the freedom of those who have been vaccinated,” he said. “I am a person who values ​​freedom. That is why I believe that we need mandatory vaccination of adults. “

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