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Germany: Asks Georgia to implement reforms to support its EU entry

Olaf Solz assured the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, that the Germany will support his country’s bid to join the European Union, calling on him to implement the required reforms.

As government spokesman Stephen Hembestright said, concrete efforts must be made “immediately and with the greatest possible determination” to fulfill its recommendations. The European Union.

In June 2022, the EU granted Ukraine and its small neighbor Moldova the status of candidate countries, but decided to grant this status to Agriculture subject to certain conditions.

These include combating political polarizationthe justice reformthe establishment of an independent anti-corruption authority and the promotion of freedom of the press.

Brussels also called for “oligarification” — a neologism that called for a systematic effort to reduce the influence of the so-called oligarchs in the economic and political life of Georgia.

In October, the Commission will publish a report that will be the basis for taking further decisions regarding the tightening of relations and the prospect of the country’s accession to the EU.

Source: News Beast

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