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Germany: Compulsory vaccination of health workers and care workers promoted

Him compulsory vaccination from March 16, 2022 launches the new ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) / Greens / Liberals (FDP) coalition, according to information leaked to German media.

According to the Reuters news agency, the new regulation on protection against infectious diseases, which is expected to be approved by the Federal Parliament by December 12, stipulates that by March 15, 2022, those working in nursing homes, hospitals, maternity clinics, , dental clinics, rescue teams, day care units should provide a certificate of vaccination or illness or medical opinion with a contraindication to vaccination against Covid-19. “As of March 16, new employment contracts can only be concluded if the necessary information is provided,” the draft regulation, which is available to Reuters, said. The draft also states that from now on, in order to speed up the vaccination process, the vaccines will be available in addition to doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists, who will receive the necessary training. In addition, the transition period for “particularly drastic measures” for the pandemic is expected to be extended from 15 December to 15 February.

The military leadership of the Armed Forces also wants to impose a strict obligation of vaccination, on punishment of sanctions, from deprivation of rank to dismissal – according to the German News Agency (dpa) – to those who refuse to be vaccinated without a valid medical reason. Vaccination against Covid-19 has already been included in the “basic” vaccination program for soldiers and the percentage of vaccinated among members of the Armed Forces exceeds 80%.

According to the Bild newspaper, at the request of state governments, the regulation excludes restaurants and places of entertainment and cultural events from businesses that are prohibited from closing due to the pandemic. Some of the states have recently requested that restaurants and bars be closed in the event of an outbreak.

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