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Germany: Concert hall bans Russian musicians from Theodoros Kourentzis orchestra from playing

The Russian one orchestra musicAeterna will give a concert at German city of Dortmund today (25/11), but without some of its members who have expressed their support for invasion of the Russian army in Ukrainesaid yesterday Thursday (24/11) the artistic director of Konzerthaus Dortmund.

“We have always said that those who have spoken out in favor of war or in favor of the Kremlin will not be allowed to play in our venue”said Raphael von Hensbrech.

This decision was announced with the approval of the founder and director of the musical group, Ellinos, Theodorou Kourentzis. Has been “total agreement” of the sides, according to Mr. Hensbrech, who emphasized that the decision does not mean that musicians are excluded simply because they are Russian. Crescendo, a specialist magazine for classical music, was the first to mention the decision.

Four members of the band have made comments on social media sites against the West, including the tenor who expressed his support for Russian soldiers with the phrase “fascism is attacking us again”.

According to Mr. Hensbrech, it was decided by consensus to take action. “The tragic thing in this case is that the Russian propaganda is clearly effective”he ruled.

Source: News Beast

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