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Germany does not recognize Putin's victory: The elections in Russia were not free, nor fair

Germany announced that it does not recognize the victory of Vladimir Putin in the Russian elections, because according to Berlin, the electoral process was not free, but not fair either. Deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann said that “this was not a democratic election. The result was clearly predetermined and the election campaign was characterized by a climate of intimidation.” He also noted that the chancellor “did not congratulate” Vladimir Putin. “You know we don't see these so-called elections as either free or fair. The outcome was clearly predetermined. In our view, this was not a democratic election. No real candidates were allowed. There was also a climate of intimidation and arrests. There is no freedom of speech in Russia. Russia – as the chancellor has already said – is now a dictatorship and is ruled autocratically by Vladimir Putin,” said the deputy government spokeswoman and described yesterday's process in the occupied Ukrainian territories as “extremely problematic”, stressing that it must be condemned. “We don't recognize her. Only Ukraine has it […]
Source: News Beast

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