Germany: From now on gas is scarce in the country – Robert Habeck

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German Economics Minister Robert Habeck declared on Thursday that from now on gas is scarce in the country.

Additional comments

The current situation should not lull us into a false sense of security.

Now we are asked to reduce gas consumption, ahead of winter.

He wants to underline that this situation was always a threat.

Must immediately rectify the political mistake made in the past of not increasing renewable energy.

Regardless of whether the price clause is activated, consumers will pay more.

All political measures must be taken to ensure that we have enough gas and that the load is shared equally.

Activating the price clause would mean that companies can immediately pass on price increases.

If the gas does not arrive through Nord Stream 1 after its maintenance, further action will have to be taken..

Nations that go alone cannot function in this situation.

The development of LNG terminals is progressing at a good pace.

We are at a time of not being able to ensure the supply, but precautions must be taken.


Source: Fx Street

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