Germany: Greens formally approve of three-party government under Solz

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The Greens today formally approved their Program Agreement with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Liberals (FDP) and thus paved the way for the formation of the new coalition government.

At 86% of a total of 61,174 voters out of 124,000 members, the Greens’ base approved both the government program and the people nominated by the leadership for the staffing of their respective ministries.

In the new federal government, the Greens will take over the Ministry of Economy and Climate Policy with their co-chair Robert Habeck, who will also be Vice Chancellor, the Foreign Ministry with the other co-chair Analena Berbok, the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Environment Family with Anne Spiegel and the Ministry of Agricultural Economy with former party leader Cem Ezdemir, who will also become the first Turkish-born federal minister.

Social Democrat (SPD) Olaf Soltz is expected to be elected Chancellor by the Federal Parliament the following day, Wednesday, and later in the day, members of the government will take over from Federal President Frank-Walter Stein.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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