Germany: If 2/3 of the population has been vaccinated, no new lockdown will be needed

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“If they have vaccinated “2/3 of the population, we will not need to talk about a new lockdown,” said Chancellor Helge Brown, pointing to the operation of schools as the most important challenge the government will face in the fall, according to APE.

“If at least 55 million people are vaccinated, we will not need to think about a lockdown or other drastic measures,” Mr Brown said, noting that by the end of July or early August they would have the opportunity to be vaccinated against at least Covid-19. with the first dose of the vaccine, all those who wish. From June 7 in Germany the priority order has been abolished, while the vaccination of children from 12 years is allowed.

Regarding schools and kindergartens, Angela Merkel, a close associate, said it was “our great concern” because at least younger children will not be able to be vaccinated. “These children will be able to be protected if all the adults around them are vaccinated,” he said, adding that additional measures would be taken, such as equipping school buildings with ventilation systems.

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