Germany is discussing tougher measures for the unvaccinated

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It escalates to Germany the discussion on additional restrictions for those who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. At the same time, the Minister of Health Jens Span suggests the reopening of the vaccination centers due to the re-increase of the cases. coronavirus and slowing of vaccinations.

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Health Minister Jens Spann, in an interview with the Rheinische Post, called for the reopening of vaccination centers, which have been on standby since September, as the number of vaccinations was significantly reduced and the process gradually passed to family doctors. “In order to facilitate the administration of the third dose of the vaccine, the states must take care of the reopening of the centers as soon as possible,” Mr Span said.

In the same vein, Social Democrat (SPD) spokesman Karl Lauterbach said the booster vaccine was too slow and that the fourth wave of the pandemic could not be tackled. “Right now there are not many possibilities with great efficiency. What can be done is a much faster process of booster vaccination and that is why vaccination centers should work again and stricter measures for the unvaccinated should be implemented, by generalizing the rule for indoor access only to vaccinated and recovered.

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The President of the Medical Association, Klaus Reinhart, also addressed the issue today. At the beginning of the vaccinations, in the specially designed centers, the process would proceed faster.

The Minister of Health, according to a response from the Athens News Agency, still left open the possibility that vaccinated citizens over 60 years of age will receive a letter inviting them to come for his commemorative dose. vaccine against Covid-19. For the time being, however, the Standing Vaccination Committee (Stiko) recommends the vaccination of people over the age of 70 and the special categories of professionals and vulnerable groups.

The voices calling for stricter measures are increasing

However, as cases increase and vaccination levels remain stagnant, so do the voices calling for stricter protection measures. Klaus Reinhart on behalf of the Medical Association called for a strict set of rules for vaccinated and non-vaccinated. “Most of our activities should be allowed access only to the vaccinated and the sick, and the rest should be subject to a very restrictive policy for those who test negative,” said Mr Reinhart, adding that regular diagnostic tests should be performed in places such as nursing homes. or rehabilitation centers, but rejecting compulsory vaccination of staff.

According to the Rheinische Post, Bayer, E.ON, Ergo and Alltours are already planning to set up separate restaurants and canteens for the vaccinated and the sick, who will be able to behave there without distance restrictions and of mask use. On the contrary, the unvaccinated and those who do not wish to declare which category they belong to, will only have access to another place and with all known restrictions. In addition, Bayer, E.ON, Ergo, Alltours, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, LEG Wohnen, L’Oréal, RWE, ThyssenKrupp and Vodafone are taking the initiative to promote work from home. Already Deutsche Bank, according to Handelsblatt, has decided to implement a home work system for two days a week, with the provision of basic work equipment and a subsidy of 1000 euros for the supply of additional equipment.

At the same time in Austria from today the general rule for access to the workplace applies only to vaccinated, recovering and those who submit a negative test. The fines, if a violation is found, reach 500 euros for the employee and 3600 euros for the employer. The government, following the example of other countries, thus aims to increase the vaccination rate, which currently stands at 63%. In the event of a further increase in cases, the Austrian government did not rule out the possibility of imposing a lockdown on unvaccinated citizens, while the large open-air Christmas market in Vienna City Hall has already been announced to be open only to vaccinated, recovering and sick people.

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