Germany: It was clear that China and Germany were not friends of “decoupling” – Olaf Scholz

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The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, spoke on Friday at a press conference with the Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, and pointed out that “in these times, it is even more important than usual to talk and exchange with each other“.

Additional comments

It is good and right that you are here.

Xi and Li are of the same opinion that nuclear threats are not acceptable.

It is clear that China and Germany are not friends of “decoupling”.

but both they need reciprocity and equal access for investments from both partiesand also avoid dependencies, Scholz said during his visit to Beijing.

China will allow Biontech’s vaccine for expats in China, hopefully more will be approved soon.

We see that self-reliance efforts are being talked about more and more in China, whereas before the economy was in the foreground.

We want to support China in climate goalswork on the goals until next year’s consultations.

We will urge Putin not to reject an extension of the grain agreement with Ukraine.

Source: Fx Street

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