Germany: Lassett appears to laugh while Steinmeier expresses grief over victims

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The behavior of the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia has caused particularly unfavorable comments Armin Lassett, who appears in a video laughing while the Federal PresidentFrank-Walter Steinmeier Expresses its sorrow for the loss of human lives and the disasters in the area.

Mr. Lassett accompanied the Federal President today during his visit to Erfstadt, the city that was hit hardest by the deadly storms of the previous days and, while the latter was speaking to the press, stood a little further back. “We mourn those who have lost their family, their acquaintances, their relatives,” Steinmeier said, and behind him Armin Lasset laughed, talking to some of his colleagues. Mr. Lassett’s laughter lasts at least 20 seconds.

The incident has caused thousands of comments on social media, while it is covered with critical commentary from all German Media. “You can not sympathize and laugh. It is not possible “, was the comment of BILD, characteristically.

“The way Armin Lasset is laughing in the background while the Federal President is talking about the victims is obscene and outrageous. They say that in times of crisis, the character appears. “Anyone who laughs in such a difficult situation without feeling it is excluding himself,” said Social Democratic Party (SPD) General Secretary Lars Klingbail, while North Rhine-Westphalia SPD leader Thomas Kournasdi said. “I just can not believe it,” he wrote on Twitter

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