Germany: Losses for CDU / CSU show first poll after floods

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Christian Union (CDU / CSU) records two points in the first poll after the deadly floods that struck western Germany.

Losses are also recorded for him Armin Lassett, CDU / CSU candidate for Chancellor and Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the most severely affected areas, notes the APE-MPE.

According to a poll by the Forsa Institute on behalf of private television networks RTL / ntv, CDU / CSU are limited to 28% (-2), while the Greens remain stable at 19% and the Social Democratic Party wins one point and rises to 16%. The Liberals (FDP) remain at 12%, the Alternative for Germany rises to 10% (+1) and the Left remains at 7%.

If these percentages were verified at the ballot box, the largest possible majority would be a coalition of CDU / CSU, Greens and FDP.

In terms of the direct election of the Chancellor, both Armin Lasset and the candidate of the Greens, Analena Berbok, lost two points.

The first has a percentage of 23%, while the second 17%. SPD candidate Olaf Soltz remains stable at 16%, with 44% of respondents not choosing any of the three candidates for Chancellor.

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